summer is here

73MOTO was born out of a passion for heading out onto the open road on two wheels, propelled by the rythym of when the throttle seduces the engine to partake in a dance of the wild. Rolling through forested roads, with the sun breaking through tree canopy lined highways, inviting you to find the place where the sun meets your being.

At last a place on the The Great Southern Coastline of Victoria on The Great Ocean Road, 73MOTO has provided the two wheel enthusiast with machines that will exhilerate, immerse and temper your soul.

Get on board 70’s styled motorcycles to take a dip into the past while ascending towards our Moto God.

The book of the open road awaits your journal entry.  Every bike is reliable & elegant. With hints of adventures from a bygone era, get a taste of these healthy machines and saddle up.